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"I had an emergency situation last weekend. They saw me right away, gave me appropriate treatment and told me to follow up with my primary care doctor. They answered any and all of my questions. There was NO wait time. I got personalized attention, and the doctor I saw was excellent The nurse was great too. No pain with the IV stick. The facilities were clean and I was very impressed with how fast things got done. Later on in the week I had to be admitted to another hospital via the emergency room. No comparison in quality of care of services. I was very pleased with my care at Health Alliance. There was also no wait time when I went to pick up my emergency room record from Medical Records."

A Google User,

I am one of those people who complained about the long wait in the ER. I will never complain again! I brought my husband in during the early hours of April 2, complaining of chest pain. They took him in immediately, and ended up saving his life! I am forever grateful!!! Thank you to the AWESOME staff who was on duty that night/morning.

Marie Hopkins,

The best hospital ever they treat you like you are they own family the staff there omg nice people they all help you n specially miss Donna n Cindy I love them thank you everyone

Baba Bush,

I went in to the Urgent Care Leominster facility with a small slice on my foot that required a few stitches and a tetanus shot. They were extremely considerate, fast and overall great. I would recommend the place to anyone, and would go there again in a heartbeat!

Patty White,