Construction Status:

As we move into the Fall season, community members will see increased activity on the Leominster Campus. Directional signage is now available to help community members navigate the campus during their visit

  • ALL VISITOR access to the Emergency Department is now being directed to Lobby B via Hospital. To improve immediate walk in access for patients and their families, all members of the public will now enter through Lobby “B”. No public access will be allowed through Mckay Street.
  • Construction has begun in front of the original Emergency Department Entrance as we begin the expansion phase of the project. We apologize for any inconvenience during the early phase of the project.
  • Free Valet parking will now be available for free 24 hours per day and seven days per week and will be charged with not only helping to park cars but also to assist those with mobility issues who need assistance to get to the Emergency department.
  • Handicap parking is now available on the top deck and will be directed by the Valet staff upon arrival.
  • EMS arrivals are now rerouted to Lobby “B” with their own separate private entrance directly to the Emergency Department. Parking spaces have also been set aside for law enforcement as well.
  • During the week of October 23rd, digging will begin in front of the Emergency department to prepare for the “build out” portion of this “Enabling stage” of construction.
  • We continue to meet daily, review the strategies put in place and make changes to improve patient experience. We appreciate any and all input and suggestions that you may offer.

**In an effort to keep the community informed of changes and updates, we will post Construction status information on the foundation website ( , on social media and in sporadic press releases. In addition, we will be sending out internal correspondence to employees to keep them informed as well. Be sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites.