Emergency Department Expansion

Letter from the desk of the Sr. Director (November 2017)

Letter from the desk of the Sr. Director (August 2017)



Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much bigger is the new Emergency Department?

    Square footage will be increased from 14,500 to 26,500 square feet including renovations to the existing 14,500 square feet.

  • How many patient rooms will the new Emergency Department have?

    Patient rooms will be increased from 24 to 37.

  • Will there be any new features in the updated lobby design?

    The new and improved lobby area will be staffed 24/7 and will include improved patient and family amenities featuring an updated waiting area, gift shop and ground-floor coffee shop.

  • How will treatment rooms be updated?

    Enhanced standardized treatment rooms will be streamlined for efficient and optimal clinical care while in a family centered design. All treatment rooms are designed to be universally accessible to accommodate any patient regardless of their condition.

  • What will the Nurses Station look like?

    The Nurses Station is a state-of-the-art clinical hub featuring expanded space and additional room for all of the interdisciplinary caregivers. It is centrally located to ensure optimal monitoring of all patients.

  • Will there be improved space for behavioral health patients?

    The behavioral health area will be a private and safe area with secured space for patients in need of supervision. This area will include storage for our patients and a fully stocked nutrition center.

  • Will there be a Bariatric Room?

    Yes, the Bariatric Room is a state-of-the-art treatment room designed for patients who require additional clinical space and equipment to ensure optimal comfort and is included in the new design.

  • Will there be any enhancements made to the Resuscitation Room?

    The Resuscitation Room has been enhanced to the most modern cutting edge technology and additional space to store lifesaving equipment at an arm’s length.

  • Will there be a new entrance for ambulances?

    Yes, the new design of the ambulance entrance will better accommodate the needs of our community partners and includes expanded space, improved work stations and supply areas.

  • Will there be additional parking to accommodate increased volume?

    Yes, there will be 60 additional parking spots.

  • What does the construction timeline look like?

    The project will span approximately 30 months and 6 phases. Construction of expanded space will begin at the end of the summer followed by ongoing renovations.

  • Will there be any disruption of services within the Emergency Department during construction?

    No, there will not be any disruption to services. At no time, will there be a decrease in the number of current beds during the project. Every effort will be made to keep construction noise to a minimum and away from peak hours.

  • What is the estimated cost of the project?

    The estimated cost is $37.3 million

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